Is Your Dog Stinky? Dirty? Yucky?

Bring Your Dog Into The Animal Den Pet Salon

We'll Get It Bathed And Groomed For You

What Your Pet Will Get:

  • Nail Trim
  • Bath With Conditioner
  • Through Brush Out
  • Blowout Dry
  • Hair Cut
  • Bandana
  • Love & Affection

For More Information Call Us at (317) 769-5100

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:

Whitney is the BEST groomer my dogs have ever had... also best doggie daycare around. - Maryanne Sedgeley

By far the best groomer anywhere around! Always polite and friendly, my dogs look and smell great when I pick them up. Very pleased with the work they do.  - Charlotte Hiack

Great groomers my dogs always come out of there really happy not like in other places. I love their work and the best thing is the pickup and drop-off service. - Icela Elizalde