About Our Daytime Retreat Dog Daycare

The Animal Den offers temporary love and care for your pet in either our standard rooms or in our deluxe suites. daytime retreat dog daycare is perfect for those days when you have activities scheduled at your home where your pet may feel uncomfortable or his safety may be an issue.

This convenient daycare will offer one less thing for you to worry about, and you can feel confident knowing your pet will be pampered and comfortable until you are ready for him back home.

7 Days a Week

7am-6pm Reservations recommended

What to Expect from Dog Daycare

Signs of a good day playing hard with their K-9 friends in Daytime Retreat!

Tired and Exhausted

Our  daytime retreat dog daycare  provides big areas where your dog can run and play safely with his K-9 friends. It’s not unusual for dogs to fall asleep during the car ride home and be peaceful the rest of the evening. You can also expect him to want to sleep a bit more than normal for a few days after playing.


Although we provide plenty of fresh water “on tap” and in bowls during Daytime Retreat, it is normal for most dogs to appear thirsty once you get them back home. It may simply be a way of calming down after all the running and playing.

Sore Muscles and Paws

Most dogs have so much fun running and playing their first visit, so they will wear themselves out. They may exhibit stiffness from over exerting themselves and may have sore paws from running and playing on a different surface than they’re used to. All of these symptoms are normal and will fade as they get used to the higher level of activity.

Pets Know

You’ll soon realize when you turn onto our driveway that your dog really does know where he is, and he will be just as excited to go play with his friends as he is to see you at the end of the day.


Daytime Retreat dog daycare is Monday through Saturday
Drop off as early as 7 am and pick up as late as 6 pm