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Cat Grooming Services In Indianapolis
Regularly maintaining your cat grooming adds to the visual appeal of your cat and helps control skin allergies, odors, shedding and dander. In addition to promoting a healthy coat, Cat grooming keeps your feline family member comfortable during hot weather.
At the Animal Den, our professional cat groomers will spoil and pamper your cat with loving care utilizing only the most state-of-the-art cat grooming equipment and natural and proven pet care products. Do you want your feline friend to have just a little more? View our cat personalized services


Benefits of Cat Grooming

• Our gentle brushing distributes the natural oil which helps maintain your cats skin and natural coat health
• Grooming enables you prevent pest by allowing in depth checks for parasites such as fleas and ticks
• Frequent grooming helps desensitize your cat to being handled
• You’re able to check for any skin abnormalities or ear problems
• The more hair we brush, the less hair your cat will swallow or gets on your furniture

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