Daytime retreat dog daycare


About Daytime Retreat

Our daytime retreat dog daycare is a unique, small group daycare for dogs. This resort service provides our Resort families with a safe, fun, stimulating environment for their dogs to play off-leash with other dogs under the careful supervision of our trained staff.

Our resort offers The Animal Planet viewing on two LCD televisions, satellite music, special flooring that is gentle on paws and joints, and plenty of toys. Our facility’s outside play yard features sanitary artificial grass, puppy playgrounds, and plenty of room to play.

During the day, your furry friend will enjoy socializing with other dogs, playtime in our outside playgrounds, and the chance for a snooze if he wishes. Fresh water is always available and treats or meals can be provided upon request.


Why Our Daytime Retreat?

Our daytime retreat dog daycare is perfect for the pet who spends time alone during the day while you are at work. With hours of 7 AM to 6 PM, you can drop him off on the way to work and pick him up on the way home.  We guarantee he will LOVE it! Our daytime retreat dog daycare participants usually go home worn out, tired, and sleepy at the end of the day which you will LOVE.

Daytime retreat dog daycare is also a nice chance to get what is sometimes a much needed “break” from our very active canine friends. So, give yourself a break and let them wear us out for a change!

Personalized services such as private playground time, a nature trail hike, and bathing or grooming are always available to our Daytime Retreat and Doggy Daycare participants. Just ask for these great services when you drop off your darling at the Resort.

At the Animal Den, your pet’s first day in our Daytime Retreat is always FREE!!!


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