Standard or Deluxe Indianapolis dog resort

Pet boarding Indianapolis welcome

The Animal Den offers a variety of  dog resort accommodations, one of which is sure to be right for your pooch!

 Dog resort fitness, playtime, and cuddling.

The Animal Den Playground Pet LodgingDogs have a natural instinct to play and exercise. Since regular exercise can improve bone and joint health and general well-being, our dog resort offers fitness programs that help promote your pet’s health and happiness. Your pet has the option of going for a nice stroll on our 10 acre property along our scenic nature trails. For those dogs who love to play, run, fetch, and chase, our safe playgrounds will be very appealing.

Additional services offered to our pet guests.

To help make your pet’s first visit fun and exciting, we give every dog a complimentary play time activity of your choice and every cat will receive an attention filled cuddle break at no charge.

Why Play?

Why is playing time so important for your pets while they stay away from home?

Exercise and playtime give your pets a chance to stretch their legs and free their minds.

By improving their state of mind, we can relieve the stress from being away from home which improves their health.

Calm + Happy = One Healthy Pet

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