Assitant Resort Manager

Job Description

Kennel Operations

Perform Resort Staff Member, Resort Team Leader, Pick up and Delivery driver, and Resort Supervisor job duties when needed.
Manage kennel supplies and maintain sufficient inventory levels.
Manage Daytime Retreat:
Perform Daytime Retreat Member and Daytime Retreat Coordinator job duties when needed.
Conduct daycare evaluations.
Oversee daycare staff.
Ensure daycare participant safety and care.
Handle daycare customer relations.

Front Desk Operations

Responsible for all front desk operations
Responsible for proper closing of the front desk
Oversee and provide back up support to the Resort Services Representatives
Handle phone calls, manage voicemail, and prepare mailings
Manage client information, process reservations, and boarding deposits
Manage filing system
Check customers in and out, prepare billings, and collect payments
Prepare daily reports, customer feedback cards, pet report cards, file notes, front desk forms, and publications
Track occupancy forecasts and client waitlist database
Utilize sales and marketing skills to increase sales and expand customer base
Give facility tours
Staffing & Personnel

Directly supervise and manage all Resort Staff
Manage training of new Resort Staff employees
Manage Resort staff scheduling needs
Organize and conduct staff meetings

Business Operations

Basic repair and maintenance of building and equipment
Maintain customer relations and establish a personal presence with customers
Develop and hone management skills to achieve a sense of ownership
Manage time clock adjustments for all personnel
Maintain time clock program, utilizing it for employee notices, training new employees, and ensuring compliance with time clock company guidelines
Continually seek cost effective solutions and initiate cost reduction efforts
Continually improve customer service and overall customer satisfaction
We are currently seeking a Assitant Resort Manager that will work in conjuctioin with the Resort Manager through providing asstiance with all elements of The Animal Den’s operations including Front Desk and Resort staff. Two (2) years of professional salaried management experience is preferred.

Job Requirements

Able to effectively manage time and multi-task
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Experience with Windows based software
Able to solve problems and work on multiple projects simultaneously
Able to work independently and collaboratively as part of a team, with a strong commitment to customer service and a can-do attitude
Must possess strong attention to detail and strive for perfection
At least 2 years of management experience preferred
Candidate applying for this position must maintain a friendly, positive, and professional outlook. We are looking for candidates who have high energy and enthusiasm. A love of animals would be beneficial.

This position is a Full time Salary job. Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Paid vacation also included. The candidate will be available to be scheduled any day of week(Including a Saturday or Sunday).  The work schedule may vary a little during the training period.


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Resort Team Member


Kennel, deluxe suites, and cat resort cleaning and maintenance (ie, power washer use, mopping, sweeping, trash, windows)
Feeding the boarders (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
Monitoring and recording the boarder activity
Kitchen duties (loading, unloading dishwasher, cleaning area)
Playtime (time with the boarders in play yards, cuddle breaks, and walks as requested by customers)
Quality time with the boarders (talk, pet, comfort)
Customer service during check in and check out
Offering tours to prospective clients
Baths and nail trims
Facility cleaning and maintenance (vacuuming, mopping, landscaping, grooming, and bathing room cleaning)
Any duties that may be assigned by supervisor or management
The Resort Team Member reports directly to the Resort Manager

Job Description:

The Resort Team Member is responsible for the day to day care and treatment of dogs and cats boarded at The Animal Den. The Team Member will be expected to perform duties pertaining to resort maintenance, feeding and care of the boarders, kitchen, laundry duties, and exercising pets. The Resort Team Member assists with checking pets in and out and will give tours to potential clients.


Must have a high school diploma, its equivalent, or be in the process of acquiring such a certificate.
Be able to move or lift animals and/or equipment up to and in excess of 40 pounds.
Be able to tolerate conditions associated with kennel work, including; cleaning of urine and feces in the boarding area and the use of disinfectants.>/li>
Be able to recognize through sight and/or sound an animal in distress, discomfort, or exhibiting symptoms of illness/disease.
Be able to interact in a professional manner with each other and with customers.
Have good communication skills (written and oral).


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Guest Services Representative Full-time/Part-time

This fast paced and ever growing business is seeking applicants who are team players with high energy and outstanding customer service skills.


Welcome guests, answer questions, respond to requests
Handle phone calls, manage voicemail, prepare mailings
Respond to client email inquiries, process online forms
Manage client information, process reservations, confirm client requirements and collect deposits
Check clients in and out, prepare billings, collect payments
Prepare daily reports, customer feedback cards, pet report cards, file notes, front desk forms, and publications
Utilize sales and marketing skills to promote appropriate services to guests and increase sales
Other Tasks as assigned
The Resort Services Representative is responsible for exceptional guest sales and service at the front desk and all tasks and systems to support the efficient delivery of guest satisfaction. This position is heavily involved in marketing the business to guests and consistently wowing our guests with very high-quality service.

We are currently seeking Part Time Resort Services Representatives working 2-4 days per week. Applicants with a flexible schedule are preferred.


must have at least 2 years of office experience
previous work experience with Microsoft Office and Windows.
Previous work experience in a sales position is preferred.
Previous hotel or resort work experience is preferred.
Must maintain a friendly, positive, and professional outlook.
Outgoing personality, high energy, enthusiasm, and an upbeat attitude.
A sincere love of pets and an understanding of their general care is required.
Must be comfortable handling dogs and cats
The schedule will vary with a part time person working 2-4 days per week. The Representative is likely to spend most of the day on their feet, actively servicing guests and assisting Resort Staff.


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Groomer Full-time/Part-time

We offer great clientele, a friendly and warm atmosphere, and the opportunity to grow with this expanding business. Our groomer will have access to a complete line of supplies and equipment. Our salon features two baths plus a walk in shower, numerous drying dens, hand driers, plenty of cage driers and electric Grooming tables. We provide a complete line of shampoos and conditioners, dental cleaning supplies, nail trimming supplies, and accessories such as ribbons, bandanas, and bows for that special touch.

We have a large, captive client base for groom appointments during resort visits as well as numerous clients to fill the grooming schedule with “outside” appointments. Let our front desk arrange and schedule your grooming appointments while you take great care of the clients and keep their pets looking their best. The opportunities and income potential are endless and it is all up to you.


A certified Pet Groomer with at least 2 years of professional pet grooming experience.
Must be able to work independently.
Must have excellent communication skills and work well with the clients and their pets.
Must have an excellent reputation with remarkable client satisfaction ratings.
Must be enthusiastic about their work and ensure that the client feels great about the entire grooming experience.
Must be comfortable selling available services and products when appropriate to improve pet health.
Our Part-Time/Full-Time Groomer must be available to work 3 days per week or more including some weekends.
Groomers who are not available on these days need not apply.


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Part Time Salon Assistant


  • Grooming and Resort guest bathing and drying.
  • Implement safe, comfortable, and effective bathing and drying techniques.
  • Knowledge and use of salon products. Understanding their use and any precautions associated with them.
  • Follow oral and written instructions in detail.
  • Know the signs of possible problems with guests and report any issues to the groomer.
  • Brushing groomed pets.
  • Adorning groomed pets with finishing touches such as bandannas or bows.
  • Assisting the grooming process such as holding and lifting pets.
  • Handling animal behavior in a safe and humane manner.
  • Know the signs of skin disease, infection, illness, and heatstroke. Report any findings to the groomer.
  • Guest exercises as needed prior to bathing.
  • Walking salon guests for their relief breaks.
  • Ear cleaning and oral care.
  • Pet nail trims and dremels.
  • Customer service while checking salon guests in and out.
    • Checking for fleas
    • Discussing desired groom with clients
    • Completing work orders
    • Acquiring pet owner signatures on groom contracts and release forms
  • Salon equipment maintenance.
    • Bath master system maintenance
    • Refilling supplies, determine need for restock or reorder
  • Salon cleaning.
    • Den cleaning and maintenance
    • Floor sweeping
    • Tubs, shower, and bathing area cleaning and maintenance
  • Preparations for next day’s work.
    • Assessing schedules
    • Preparing supplies
    • Communicating with other staff
  • Wear designated uniform and always maintain a neat, professional image. Wear closed toe, non skid shoes.
  • Other duties as needed.

This position will work 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM or as needed. The days of the week might vary. Applicants who cannot work weekends need not apply as some weekend shifts are required.

Job Description
The Salon Assistant is responsible for preparing pets for full service grooming. The Salon Assistant assists with checking guests in and out and supporting the groomers as needed. In addition to the primary role of bathing the pets, the Assistant will be expected to perform duties pertaining to salon maintenance, caring for the pets, and providing outstanding customer service. The Assistant must be on time and punctual as the groomers are dependent on pets being available for grooming in a timely manner.

This position is ideal for someone interested in becoming a professional groomer or someone who has already begun professional grooming training. There is opportunity for advancement at The Animal Den as this is a growing full service pet salon.


    • High school diploma or its equivalent or be in the process of acquiring such a certificate.
    • Able to move or lift animals and/or equipment up to and in excess of 40 pounds.
    • Able to tolerate conditions associated with grooming salon work including: cleaning of urine and feces, able to handle exposure to blood, wounds, various pet bodily conditions, constant exposure to water and pet hair, and the use of disinfectants.
    • Self motivated, independent worker.
    • Excellent time management skills and able to work under pressure.
    • Able to work in a team environment.
    • Good decision and problem solving skills.
    • Good organization and planning skills.
    • Good communication skills (written and oral).
    • Demonstrated flexibility and planning skills.
    • Must be able to recognize through sight and sound an animal in distress or discomfort or exhibiting symptoms of illness or disease.
    • All employees must be able to interact in a professional manner with each other and with customers.


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