Resort Team Member

Posted 4 years ago

Job Description

The Resort Team Member is responsible for the day to day care and treatment of dogs and cats boarded at The Animal Den. The Team Member will be expected to perform duties pertaining to resort maintenance, feeding and care of the boarders, kitchen, laundry duties, and exercising pets. The Team Member assists with checking pets in and out and will give tours to potential clients.

* Kennel, deluxe suites, and cat resort cleaning and maintenance (ie, power washer use, mopping, sweeping, trash, windows)
* Feeding boarders (breakfast/lunch/dinner)
* Monitoring and recording boarder activity
* Kitchen duties (loading, unloading dishwasher, cleaning area)
* Laundry
* Playtime (time with boarders in play yards, cuddle breaks, and walks as requested by customers)
* Quality time with boarders (talk, pet, comfort)
* Customer service during check in and check out
* Offering tours to prospective clients
* Baths and nail trims
* Facility cleaning and maintenance (vacuuming, mopping, landscaping, grooming, and bathing room cleaning)
* Any duties that may be assigned by supervisor or management


  • Must be currently enrolled in a college curriculum or graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. A minimum college GPA of 3.25 is required.
  • Team Members must be able to move or lift animals and/or equipment up to and in excess of 40 pounds.
  • The Team Member must be able to tolerate conditions associated with kennel work, including: cleaning of urine and feces in boarding area and the use of disinfectants.
  • Team Members must be able to recognize through sight and/or sound an animal in distress, discomfort, or exhibiting symptoms of illness/disease.
  • All employees must be able to interact in a professional manner with each other and with customers.
  • Team Members must have good communication skills (written and oral).

Applicants who are not able to work on the weekends need not apply as some weekend shifts are required.

Applicants who are not able to work during the upcoming holiday seasons need not apply as the holidays are our busiest time and employees will be expected to work.

Applicants will be required to work 18-32 hours per week.


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