Frequently Asked Questions About Our Indianapolis Pet Resort Services


What will my pet eat during her visit? We ask that you bring your pet’s normal diet with you at check in. We ensure all pets receive their daily meals just as you request. We have a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave and will gladly fix your baby’s meals just as you would at home. We do not charge any additional fees for meals or special diets. Keeping them on the same diet they are used to will reduce the likelihood of any upset tummies or restroom problems.

Do you administer medications and are there any fees? We administer all medications free of charge. We ask that you bring your pet’s medications in their original packaging or prescription containers. We also ask that you bring whatever he likes to take his medication with such as cheese or peanut butter.

Is the pet resort air conditioned and heated? Yes, we monitor the weather and pet resort conditions daily. The entire facility is air conditioned and heated to ensure everyone’s rooms are always comfy.

Are you able to care for my older pet who needs a little help each day? We take great pride in our care for your senior pets. We provide alerts to our pet resort staff team members of any pet’s special needs. Our staff will gladly help a guest get up and get going, assist with blind or deaf guests, or any special needs old age may bring. Be sure to discuss these special needs during check in.

My pet is particular where he goes potty, how will you help him? We keep a record of your pet’s dining and restroom habits while he stays with us. Occasionally we do come across a pet that will not potty in the outside portion of their room. When that happens we offer him strolls outside until he finds that perfect patch of grass that does the trick.

My dog is not friendly; do you accept dogs that can’t be handled? As long as your pet can board in our standard rooms we can most certainly board “unfriendly” dogs. With an indoor/outdoor arrangement in our standard rooms, we can safely and easily clean and tend to their rooms.

Are there any dog breeds you do not accept at the pet resort? We do not discriminate based on breed of dog and consider ourselves to be an equal opportunity boarder.

Are your lodging fees daily or nightly? Our pet resort fees are per day. The day your pet checks in is the first day of boarding. Each day after that is a day of boarding. The day your pet checks out is the last day of boarding. For example, if your pet checked in on a Friday and checked out on a Monday that is considered 4 days of boarding. For those quick, overnight visits, we do offer a discounted Express Rate if the stay is 24 hours or less.

How old do puppies or kittens have to be to stay at the pet resort? We welcome puppies and kittens as young as 8 weeks as long as you have record of their immunization series started.

Do you have a Veterinarian on staff? We do not have a veterinarian on premises. We will contact your own veterinarian to get any medical care needed. We will, depending on the situation, either take your pet to your veterinarian or to the Circle City Vet Emergency Hospital.

Is anyone on premises during the night? Generally we are staffed 7 AM to 7 PM daily. We do not have staff members at the Resort overnight. The facility is locked and alarmed and all area emergency personnel have visited our Resort and are familiar with emergency procedures.

Do I need to make an appointment for my pet’s grooming or can I just show up? Appointments are necessary for professional grooming. By scheduling appointments, our professional Groomer ensures she has the time needed to meet with each client and provide the best quality grooming service possible.

Can your Groomer accommodate pets with special needs? Our Groomer has the patience and care to tend to most any dog or cat with special needs. She can work with old pets, pets with disabilities, or even pets that are anxious or nervous. It is important to mention any special needs when making your pet’s appointment so our staff can make any needed accommodations for your pet’s appointment.

When should my puppy come in for her first groom? Between 10 and 12 weeks of age is a good time to bring a puppy into the Salon. This gives the pup a chance to become familiar with the Salon environment and get used to being handled by a professional Groomer.


How should I maintain my pet’s coat in between grooms? The key to maintaining your baby’s stylish appearance is finding the correct brush or comb to use at home. It is equally important, though, to know the best way to properly use those grooming tools. During your grooming consultation, our Groomer can give you advice and show you methods for grooming your pet at home. Our Gift Shop has a nice selection of grooming aids available for purchase.

How often should my pet be groomed? This depends on the breed of your pet, her type of coat, and the desired style. Typically, most dogs are due for regular grooming every 6 to 8 weeks. Some dogs can go 12 weeks between grooms or longer. Be sure to ask our Groomer for her recommendations. You will also receive grooming reminder notices when it is time for your pet’s appointment.

How long will the grooming appointment last? You will drop your pet off at the Salon generally between 9:30 and 11:00 AM. Our Groomer will call you when he is ready. Typically pets are ready for pick up between 3:00 and 6:00 PM. Of course if your day requires a specific pick up time our Groomer would be glad to make those arrangements with you at drop off.

The Groomer recommended my pet see her veterinarian, should I be alarmed? Our professional Groomer gets very up close and personal with your pet. It is possible for her to notice things about your pet that you have not yet noticed yourself. This is one of the greatest advantages of professional grooming. Health conditions that might otherwise be hidden can become suspect when examining a pet during a groom. There are also a few pets that can become very aggressive when handled during grooming and our Groomer may recommend veterinarian care. Rest assured your pet’s health and safety are our first concerns.

How will my pooch be evaluated for Daytime Retreat? Your pet will be evaluated based on the following criteria: • How does he play with other pets? • Does he growl at other pets or people? • Does he bite other pets or people? • How does he react towards strangers? • How does he react towards other pets? • Is he possessive of any toys, food, or objects? • When does he get anxious, fearful, or frightened? • Has he had any experience at another daycare or dog park? If so, how did he do? • Does he exhibit any of the following behaviors: mouths, jumps on people, jumps on fencing, barks, howls, is shy or timid, gets easily excited, cowers, has submissive urination, digs or chews?

Do you separate dogs by size in Daytime Retreat? We do not separate dogs by size or any other criteria for Daytime Retreat. We have found that a good mix of breeds creates a fun and inviting atmosphere for all who participate.

Are there any dogs not allowed to play in Daytime Retreat? All breeds are accepted into Daytime Retreat but we do require all dogs to be spayed or neutered. We also require all participants to be on a current, effective, flea preventative.

Can I bring my dog’s food, treats, or toys to Daytime Retreat? Because some dogs can get possessive of “his things” when other dogs are around, we ask that you do not bring any items from home. If your furry friend needs a meal or medications during his Daytime Retreat visit we will gladly accommodate such a request. We will provide his meal or medications away from the group and then he can return to the group for more fun when he is done.

Who is in the Daytime Retreat with the dogs? Our Daytime Retreat Coordinator staffs the Retreat from 7 AM till 6 PM with trained Daycare Team Members. Two to three team members are in the Retreat throughout the day.

How old can my puppy be to begin training at your Academy? Our Good Dog 101 classes offer training for puppies as young as 16 weeks old.

Can I bring an older dog to training, is it too late? Our introductory course, Good Dog 101 is an excellent course for our older canine friends. The smaller class environment gives our trainer the opportunity to work with you on any issues your older dog may be having. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Will your Trainer be able to address my specific questions or issues? Our Trainer is always able to help you with any specific issues you may be having with your pet. If he cannot address them during class, he is often available to meet with you and your pet before or after class. We keep our classes small so each family can receive the best training possible.

Can I enroll two dogs in the training class? Our classes are set up to train the dog and his owner. Two dogs from the same family are welcome to attend class together as long as they each bring a person with them. This enables each pet to have individual attention during class.

Can I visit a class before signing up? We welcome interested guests to stop by our Training Academy during our normal class periods. By viewing a class in action you will be able to determine if this course is the right fit for your pet. We do ask, though, that you leave your pet at home.

There will be more than one person in our family training our dog should we all come to class? We recommend all family members directly involved in training the dog attend class. Often it may be a son or daughter who will be helping a parent train the dog or a husband and wife training team. When possible, we recommend both people come to class to receive the full benefit of class instruction. At home, it will be the responsibility of the dog’s primary trainer to make sure the entire family is consistent with the training methods

How long has The Animal Den been in business? The Animal Den was founded in 1998 by Will and Mary Ellen Loberger.

Is The Animal Den part of a chain or owned by a big corporation? The Animal Den is privately owned by Will and Mary Ellen Loberger who live just minutes away. It is very much a “mom and pop” business with family values and love for all pets.

Can I come for a tour? All guests are welcome to visit and tour any day during our normal business hours. We will gladly show you the entire place and you are welcome to bring your furry friend. Don’t call ahead – just show up.

Can I call and find out how my baby is doing at your pet resort? We love to hear from our clients. Feel free to call or email us anytime to check on your pet. We will give you honest feedback so there are no surprises when you return. We have a toll free number available for your convenience.

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